Wobbly Williams

A truly inspirational client. Bryn Williams tackles the stigma of Parkinson's head on by using humour and entertainment to overcome the negativity that often surrounds the disease. He requested a logo that screamed fun and refused to take itself too seriously. The result is a brand that works across the many event and material assets that make up his annual efforts to raise vital funds for the research into Parkinson's.

The Request

Having previously identified this amazing cause using a popular children’s book character, the client wanted to move beyond the childlike logo to a more mature, polished brand, without losing the humour that characterised the charity.

The Idea

We maintained the bright colourway and we maintained the humour, but everything else was thrown out the window like an acme anvil. We wanted to create an iconic symbol that had relevance to the founder, Bryn ‘Wobbly’ Williams, one that he could exploit in print, web and merchandise.

The Solution

We now have a tremendously entertaining marque. Using a variety of methods to embed a ‘wobbly’ nature, Bryn and his team have an identity that seamlessly works across the full gamut of promotional channels he employs.

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